American Football Champs


Complete Football Game!! American Football Champs is gaming at its best! With real ball physics, pro level game speed, and expert game play, this game will have you wanting more…


• Become a key player on your team. The individual point system earns you game cash for staying in the center of the action.
• Real ball physics and pro level speeds make game play realistic
• Choose every play and control whichever player you choose
• Offensive tactics include play selection, rushing speed boost, stiff arm, spin, and diving into the end zone
• Defensive tactics include play selection, interception, speed boost, and dive tackle
• Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of play


• Create your own team
• Earn game cash for outstanding individual and team performance
• Game cash unlocks training to advance your team
• Play through Bowl Tournaments with distinct opponents

*recommend plugging in older devices while playing

User reviews

“”””Game is good until you go to Monsoon level then it becomes very difficult to win for example your opponent gets clear day but you get wind dark monsoon play which gets very hard to catch the ball and of course your opponent also gets very difficult to catch and tackle while one touch of your player you fall down lol.”””””

“”””This game is great, but I really wish we could pick our own players like Madden but like a draft. Then when u guys do that then I will rate a five star, and I would really love for us to get to put tattoos on our player like the high ri but without pay. I really hope u guys to this and if u guys do it””””

“””””Pretty fun game but how come as you advance the opposing teams defense doesn’t really get better but you can hardly complete a pass or if you have the lead the other team automatically gets a turnover or a touchdown pass and your team can’t stop them””””

Go and enjoy playing American Football Champs

“”””I like this game cuz you can create your team and name and uniform. I like the fact that if I wait to throw and WR’s are way down field and I get to throw it and then the ball slingshots down field and sometimes the WR’S catch the ball. This game is pretty great but I’m not really good at it. And one more thing. The season mode is amazing. And the practice mode. Those 2 are cool.😎👍👍👍👍 thumbs up.”””””

“””””This is a fun game for downtime and has potential to be a great mobile game, but there’s just too many glitches. Timing your passes is impossible and you leave it up to luck that your qb throws a bullet and not an arc pass, when the ball eventually gets to the reciever, he’s now guarded. Also it’ll throw bullet passes like 60 yards that my players cant catch. Also I just blocked an extra point and recovered it and then it made me kickoff immediately,”””””

“””””This is the best game ever I don’t have any other opinion on it literally is one of the best games of the century for me on mobile because it’s kind of glitchy which makes it funny and the passing is hard so it’s kind of a challenge running is a little bit easier but tackling is way easier especially for the CPU or the other team and when their helmets fly off from getting hit hard it’s satisfying”””””.


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