Black Desert Mobile

“Finally, An Actual Open-World For Mobile” –TheGamer- “The best mobile MMO gameplay” –
“A true MMO experience” –GamePress- “Prettiest fantasy MMOs on mobile” -VentureBeat- Go and play Black Desert Mobile……

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▶Black Desert Mobile◀
The critically-acclaimed MMO with players from over 150 countries around the world!
Experience the amazing adventure in Black Desert on Mobile.

■ Breathtaking Action
Play as 13 unique classes with dynamic skills.
Indulge in unparalled, fast-paced action and combat found only on Black Desert Mobile!

■ Incredible graphics on mobile
Immersive world with sophisticated, high-fidelity graphics!
Take the original quality experience anywhere you go on mobile.

■ Express Yourself with Extreme Character Customization
Simple tools allow for high degree of freedom in character customization!
Become your true self with customization options that push the boundaries of gaming.

■ An Endless Amount of Content to Create the World
Vast life content, including fishing and taming, along with the your own Camp to manage and expand.
Trustworthy pets and horses to keep you company on your adventures.

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[Minimum RAM Requirements]

■ App Access
We require permission to provide the following services while you use the app.

[Required Permission]
Photos/Media/Files: Used to store files or data relevant to gameplay while the game is running and when recording/taking screenshots.


“”””It was great until i keep getting disconnected from the wifi or have connected but no internet access. Even when using data to play. I don’t even experience this with other mobile games. Even if I’m not playing the game my internet connection is getting disconnected. I even uninstall and reinstall the game 6 times to see if the problem is my connection or something from the game. Turns out something in the game does screw with my connection. Sigh.”””

“”””Great graphics. Love the open world. BUT no costumes without paying for it! Need more pvp interactions.. they do not have dungeons, Only bosses. The same ole bosses they have had for years now, maybe two or 3 are new bosses. On mobile you hardly ever see people in the world so no real chance for open world pvp. Above all, what is the point of the game? Stronger gear? It gets boring after so long. There is no new areas on the map. Except dessert and ocean. #boring #somuchpotentialwasted””””

“””””Great game! To you guys who think this is a p2w game it’s actually not , this game is pay to get more stuff . you don’t get to win but if you pay, you get more, for example ,AFk more ,carry more and other else . Also, they get money from that situation since this game is free…so don’t hate this game so much although this type of element really not balance at all. I hope the developer can lower the gap ☺️👌”””””


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