Catch And Shoot

Let’s play catch and throwing game!Go and play Catch And Shoot

Goals – Pass the ball to your teammates and avoid getting tackled by enemies!

Controls – Swipe to turn and release to throw.

Hope you enjoy the game!

User reviews Catch And Shoot

“”””I love the game but It will be more fun if you add more levels like x6 x7 x8 or like get some really really cool skins for free or you can choose what type of tacklers you want and add more maps and also choose your fav map. Voodoo if you dont read this review, your actually going to regret it, this will make the game A lot more fun. Listen up Voodoo.””””

“””I love this game… a lot. I gave it four stars because i unlocked and purchased all the items very quickly. I still have a lot of gold and wish there were more items to unlock. Also wish it was more challenging :)””””

“”””””It’s a really good game but the reason I gave it four stars was because it has tons of that every single level which doesn’t take that long every level it’s like 1 minute in between every single level there is a ad and it’s pretty annoying so if you can fix that I’ll give it five stars but I’ll still play it because it’s pretty fun””””

“”””This game is really fun even know theres a lot of adds i usally put it on airplane mode so i get 0 adds but this game is really fun””””

“””Great game but too many ads and personal data collection. I played offline””””

“”””Super game ….but no enmes and no fight fight is best you know. So improve the game chenge system, ….”””

“””The game is great I was laughing at some funny moments. Like yeah some people who just fell off of the building it was funny.”””””


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