Dragon shooter

In the midst of ancient time, back to 1945 years ago, the world was ruled by 2 legend of strikers: One was Hell Fire, led by Herios, the brutal who praises for dragon war , sabotage and havoc. These dragons attack want to conquer the Earth and even galaxy by their superior power. The other was Sunlight, a league of peace loving dragons, led by Varius,standing against Hell Fire. And the war of the two sky raptors set a fight.
Now, a Dragon shooter shows up, stands by Varius to put an end into this persisting sky raptor war . That dragon is you!

Start your superior adventure with a click right away 🔫:

– Control your favourite dragon to attack and defeat alien enemies
– Join in endless dragon attack battle, collect items and weapons to level up your gun power, train your dragon become a legendary in this amazing dragon arcade game
“- Remember to use power booster that recovers every 30 seconds to push back brutal air force enemies
– Equip and upgrade your support dragon to assist you in fighting against the invaders”

Simple gameplay 🎮, well-designed graphics, the Dragon Shooter – Dragon Spirit retro – arcade shooting game brings you the unforgettable amazing arcade game’s experience 💯


– It’s totally a free offline game!
– Easy to play: It’s a arcade shooting games . Remember when playing galaga wars?
– 10+ dragons adventurer with fantastic skill sets ⚔
– Unlimited fantasy maps to discover, from sky to space and even to galaxy attack 🌏
– Play in 3 difficulty levels of arcade game : Easy, Normal, Hard
– No internet connection needed: this is a dragon games of arcade shooting
– Collect coins, meat and items to enhance your power
– Tons of amazing, unlimited quest for dragon to complete

and many amazing features!

Have an enjoyable relaxing time in the epic of dragon spirit with Dragon Shooter – Dragon Spirit retro – sky shooting game on Google play RIGHT NOW!

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