ENYO is a tactical roguelike about hook & shield combat.

Grab your hook & shield and descent as Enyo, the greek goddess of war, into an ever changing labyrinth to recover 3 legendary artifacts.

ENYO’s gameplay is based on the idea of indirect combat. Enemies can only be defeated by pushing or pulling them into burning lava pits or deadly spiked walls.

While staying accessible through the limited amount of actions a player can take, the core of ENYO are highly tactical turn based battles. To enter the highscore leaderboards for each of the 3 game modes you are tasked to master your weapons and create powerful chain combos through clever maneuvers.


“”””Id give 4.5 if i could. Only thing i dont like is that some mechanics aren’t explained too well, like some situations of stuns, losing your shield, attacks some enemies are immune to, what objects will block but can be shot over, maybe more. But of course you will learn these things as you play. Other than that small aspect, great game, one of the best in its category, up there with hoplite.””””

“”””Real enjoyable and makes you think. The artstyle has a charm to it, the controls are pretty simple, it allows you to move around and manipulate enemy positions. Requires you to think of a way to eliminate enemies using lethal environmental hazards with efficiency. They don’t explain the enemies since it’s the essence of learning by repetition. You can understand what they do once you’ve fought and experienced enough stuff. Good game~👌 Thank you dev~ have a banana~ 🍌✌️””””””

“”””I came to ENYO looking for more Hoplite. One can see the influence. In this you have various abilities to defeat your enemies. The controls are a little fiddly but a few days in, and I rarely shield charge to the wrong place anymore. Some things aren’t clear. Who can be affected by what ability? Why are centaurs often not stunned by my jump, etc. Solid game overall. Art and strategy are some high points. Ads are minimal which is great to see.””””

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