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Ready for some Farkle?

Farkle is a classic 10000 dice game that will bring you endless fun. Roll the dice and try to collect combinations that will earn you maximum points. But if you decide to take a risk and continue rolling, you could lose your points in a Zonk!

• For any age: with easy to learn instructions, Farkel is just the thing to get everyone playing. Farkle takes just minutes to learn and can be played hours on end.
• Easy gameplay: Roll dice, set aside dice worth points, re-roll remaining dice or stop and bank your points before you get zonk! Score 10000 to win!
• The Dice game that involves guts and luck.
• Tournaments: King of the Hill and Double elimination tournaments. Climb the ladder!
• Everything is better with friends: play Zilch with your Facebook friends, invite more!
• Collect cups and dices: 60 different cups and dice designs for all tastes! Royal dice for the Zilch King!
• Educational game: combining both math skills and attentiveness, Farkel is perfect to challenge the knowledge of your friends in a fun and an engaging game.
• Bigger is better: A worldwide favorite, Farkel is the game that everyone wants to play and now you can play it online! It is big enough for all your friends and family to join on in.

Farkle is also known as 10000 dice game, Zonk and Zilch. Whatever you call it, this is a game of luck and greed. If you like Yahtzee style games – jump in! Roll the dice, press your luck, and score. Reach 10.000 points and you win! Yes, it’s that simple.


“””””Listen it’s not a bad game but if you lose all your chips you better decide to play another game because you’re not going to get none for a long time they don’t even give you option of watching a video to get chip except for once a day twice a day maybe movin on folks. Btw, prices are outrageous””””

“”””I have played this game for a long time. It was fun but now I’m searching for another game because I’m tired of purchasing coins that your computer players take. Example I have 14050 points they had 8000 on last roll got 7000 points. I love a challenge but this happens way too much. I went from 69% …”””””

“”””Good game. Needs clearer instructions on season pass and how to purchase. 11/29/21 update: Why am I all of a sudden seeing ads between games? Both challenge games and tournament games! UGH! Moved to 2 stars because of that.””””

“””””I’m sorry but yall have ruined a nice looking, feeling game with the a few things. Any decent gambler would only bet like 1/50 of their bankroll but your minimum game is 1/3 of your bankroll. Also when you do win you only win 60% of your investment plus a crate you have to wait on. Then on top of it the stupid power dice are finite. I know there’s the risk games but that’s stupid too-why would I wanna sit in a single player lobby on a multi-player game? And you still can’t really sustainmpthere””””


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