Football Management Ultra

Are you the next Mourinho or Guardiola?Go and enjoy  Football Management Ultra , play soccer manager and find out if you have what it takes to manage your own soccer team. Play our fantasy soccer game, Win the Champions League and master your country’s Premier League. In this interactive multiplayer soccer manager game, you will have the opportunity to manage a soccer team like a pro. Put your tactics to the ultimate test against other soccer managers worldwide and constantly improve your soccer skills!

Create the ultimate online soccer team by hand-picking your top eleven players, while massively climbing the fantasy soccer rankings. Train your players to play like real-life pros from Premier Leagues around the globe and win fantasy soccer trophies – Your job as soccer manger has just began!

TRAIN SOCCER TEAMS in Football Management Ultra

Develop your players’ skills by using Football Management Ultra’s soccer training system. Bring your players’ soccer skills to perfection as you train them to be the best in their division – Go to the stadium and begin the soccer training! Work your way up the local league to qualify to play in the Champions League. Take advantage of different soccer tactics in training, go over your soccer stats and surprise your opponent in this exciting multiplayer game.


FMU brings real game aspects to your fantasy soccer club. Just like real soccer games, a big part of your club’s revenue is generated via sponsorships and VIP deals at the stadium on game day. Keep your Chairman happy, expand your stadium & get more supporters as you build your fantasy soccer team. You must work hard to achieve the best fantasy soccer team!

GAME FEATURES:Football Management Ultra

  •  Train your players to play like real-life pro soccer players
  •  Trade players in a real-time dynamic fantasy soccer market
  •  Come up with your own unique soccer tactics and winning strategies
  • Enjoy realistic Premier League and cup competition structures
  •  Experience real-time online live soccer matches
  • Follow soccer stats
  •  Upgrade stadiums, training grounds, shop facilities
  • Challenge other soccer managers in competition and friendly matches between your soccer teams

Download FMU now and get FREE TOKENS and FREE IN-GAME MONEY to kick-start your career as a soccer manager trying to become a legend soccer manager.


“”””It’s a really nice and innovative game , however please kindly assist , twice I have logged in and not gotten my cash and credits from my sponsorship deals bot vip and monetary wise . my secretary shows me the message but after I close the message the money doesn’t reflect on my cash totals etc .what do I do to fix this.””””

“”””This is a very nice game for player who want to play as a football manager with using his foorball management knowledge.Football management ultra game is reality in football match time,player transfer market,player’s playing life history ,sponser deals and football youth academy development as our football world.I request FMU game company to add Myanmar flag and Myanmar leauge in FMU game because I am a Myanmar citizen.I hope FMU game to success in the world as a reality football manager game.””””

“”””Very nice game, have been playing this game for nearly two years. Sad thing is there are few bugs in the game and have posted them in the forums but no response from the Dev. Also back to back cup and league games are annoying. No time gap between cup and league games and you can’t change tactics in between those games. Hope those problems will be resolved ASAP.””””

“”””Very very good game but it’s more pay the game than play the game. Would be nice if those who own the game would be a bit more realistic with pricing to progress. They do offers but it’s still more geared for success for those with the money to spend on it.””””

“”””Good game, probably in the top 5 on the play stor for football management……”””

“”””This is a very good game for the player who want toplay with his football mangement knowledge and thinking as a football club manger.I like this game because the amount of football match tjme in FMU is true and reality compared to the amount of football match time in our world.Please you include Myanmar flag in Football Mangement ULTRA game.I request that including Myanmar flag in FMU in thnext season.”””””

“””Nice game but i have a complaint my strength is 52.5 and i still lost to a person with 47.5 please i need you guys to fix this error then i will give you your complete rating””””


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