Gravity Rider

Tackle moto racing , defeat  racing rivals, finish in record time and get on the road to becoming  bike rider champion.GO AND PLAY Gravity Rider……

Select a motocross bike for extreme motorcycle racing, a race car if you’re in the mood for extreme car driving .

Race to the finish at turbo fast speed, but watch out – moto jumps, zero gravity fields, asphalt elevators  challenge you!

Play to keep your space bike steady and don’t turn into a skiddy car in this road bike balance skill game.

Leverage the power of the realistic motorcycle racing engine Gravity Rider:

Free fall along blocks to build bridges, balance on extreme asphalt ramps and flip jump over traps and trials to defeat other riders.

Compete in turbo fast trials against 3 of your rider rivals.

Play on the asphalt – dominate the leaderboards and drift your light bike to the extreme top of the space racing league.

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User reviews

“”””The game best for racing and very enjoyfull no glitches and no bugs but only one problem I want to save my process by logging into my facebook account and delete it and install again after few days so please fix it then I promise till the day when you will add logging with facebook option then I will give 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 star to this game….”””””

“”””Cool game. What I liked about this game is that you don’t have to turn, the bike turns according to the track. The graphics are good. The controls are very simple and adaptable. Keep up the great work. :)””””

“”””I like the most is graphics , new places to do competition , competitive competitors after rank of silver but but but I have given it four star …..”

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