Highway Crash Derby

Take your race car out on the highway and cause as much damage as you can!Go and enjoy Highway Crash Derby

Swipe your way through the traffic and wait for the right moment to cause a massive highway crash.
The further you drive without the crashing, the higher you can score!

Featuring 6 different kind of vehicles including

  •  a sports car with rocket boost
  • a police car
  •  a pickup truck with an explosive load
  •  an ice cream truck with working music player and a special ability
  •  a TOP SECRET vehicle, hidden inside a big crate.

User reviews Highway Crash Derby

“”””Overall it’s a fun time killer. Graphics are nothing to rave about but they are good enough. It is addictive for a little bit trying to earn coins or top your score but it quickly wears off due to the repetitive highway layout and scenery. Earning new cars costs coins which I feel are priced fair and nothing is locked behind any premium currency which is nice. Swioes once in awhile don’t register and I unintentionally crash, not huge problem, but we really just need some different tracks…….””””

“”””This is a great time killer, it is simple an fun. But what makes it 4 stars is it takes a long time to get money. It will take hours to get money for a new car. A suggestion is add hazards to cars that crashed. It would make the game more realistic!””””

“””Love the deadiest crash each vehicle you crash into causes a mighty bomb bast of cars and trucks plus the tank plz add a missile truck that i can use to blast missiles like the bomb display trust me add the missile truck!😃😃😃——- MAKE THE TRAFFIC MORE FASTER AND MORE REALISTIC….””””

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