If you are looking for REAL mobile rally simulation, than you are in the right place. Race at 60 fps in mud, snow, dirt and asphalt in this fast-paced racing game.Go and enjoy the race in M.U.D. Rally Racing

Prove yourself fast in daytime and nighttime tracks, dare to speed in hostile conditions and terrain, drift along the turns and pay attention to your co-driver’s pacenotes (Or he will get mad, we can assure it!).

Drive on awesome tracks: they are all modeled around existing and famous rally tracks, feel every little road’s roughness, run on the edge of a pitfall, feel the breeze of the Alps’ snow and the heat of the Mexico sun!

Customize the driver’s name and the name of your co-pilot together with their country flags and stick them on your car’s window! Get your livery dirty while trying to nail that turn, chose among a lot of different cars, each with its handling and performance!

Chose among two different championships: J-SPEC for beginners and S-SPEC for legendary drivers! Will you get to top??

Smash the leaderboards and show the world you are the fastest rally driver around… or show to them right on track: with multiplayer mode you can challenge a friend or players from all over the world!

Get M.U.D. Rally now, join the Rally!

USER REVIEWS : M.U.D. Rally Racing

“”””Amazing game, just get it. I do wish there was a “save replay” option. Sometimes feels like I had a killer run or just thrashed it and wish I could save the video of the replay.”””””

“””””God this game absolutely has so much potential, it gives me Richard Burns Rally vibes but the steering, lack of maps, horrible car models and damage modeling, and absolutely god awful physics just destroys any chance of it being a good game, dont get it.”””””

“”””This game is fun, but the rails are way to sticky..meaning if you barely touch them the car stops or turns 45 degrees and stops.. it’s really annoying and ruins the game..please fix this with an update. Otherwise, don’t cut lol.”””””

“”””Fantastic game i really love it .it graphics are pure its like im playing the game from my computer which has a 8GB graphic card.but this game is Cool,Fun and realistic””””””

WHAT’S NEW in M.U.D. Rally Racing

  • Added complete Gamepad support;
  • Cars’ understeer reduced;
  • Added barriers and guardrails to stages;
  • Graphics change to all stages;
  •  more fans around the stages;
  •  motion blur (manageable in Settings)
  • Added bloom (manageable in Settings)
  • Improved weather effects;
  • Cars graphics improved;
  • Fixed some wrong copilot note;
  • Car headlights now make 2x more light;
  • Performance improvements;
  • Bug fixes;

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