Night Fighter


Take command of one of 15 WWII fighters and battle it out for air supremacy.go and enjoy
Night Fighter…..

Night Fighter: WW2 Dogfight puts a new spin on air combat on the small screen. Enjoy intensive dogfights as you work your way through endless enemy fighters.

All of the aircraft feature performance and load outs based on historical facts. No 2 planes are the same and all are enjoyable in their own way.

Compete with friends to see who cam get claim the best high score for each aircraft.

Planes include:

  • * Hayabusa Ki-43-IIb
  •  Zero A6M2 Type 0 Model 21
  •  Reppū A7M2
  •  Messerschmitt 109 BF 109 G-6
  •  Würger FW 190 A-2
  •  Schwalbe ME 262 A-1A/U5
  •  Wildcat F4F-3
  •  Warhark P-40
  •  Corsair F4U-4
  •  Thunderbolt P-47 D-30
  •  Mustang P-51D
  •  Lightning P-38L
  •  Spitfire mkV B
  •  Lavochkin LA-7
  •  Yakovlev Yak-3

Caution this game is addictive!

USER REVIEWS : Night Fighter

“”””brilliant, just asking if you can add better shootdowns, like if you shoot a plane down a wing falls off or the tail breaks off and maybe add better fire??? overall with game is super fun. I love this game!””””

“”””This is a great game and would reccomend I chose five stars because it’s a simple ww2 fighter game and really addicting and lots of iconic planes like the me 262 p 47/ 51 and the spitfire ext. I hope the developers see this so they can add MORE PLANES Get this game its greatest ever”””

“”””I installed this on my other phone I’m using the same account or sorry Google account and I spent $4 to unlock all planes I reinstall it on my new phone and then I don’t have or it did not save the purchase because I’m logged on on the same Google account so if the developer sees this can you find a way to at least give me my $4 back or just let me have all plans because I did pay the $4 for it here in Canada that’s what it’s for””””

“””Excellent concept and the combat is great, but needs to be a more fully fleshed out game, missions etc. At the moment it’s just a shell.””””

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