Project : Offroad


We developed real-like off-road physics to offer you a joyous gaming experience.We designed maps to enrich your off-road experience.We also created tasks in the maps for you to have to take fun to the next level.Go and enjoy Project : Offroad……
Lots of vehicles and specialization options are available.
You can join map tasks to gain game money and buy new vehicles.
Due to detailed graphic options you can have custom settings that fit your mobile device.
We added all mechanical settings to make your off-road experience special.
You can change and use your vehicle’s mechanical features as you like.
Don’t forget! Every change you make affects the vehicle’s physics.


“”””Such a great step up from the first version. Though, I find the arcade mode kind of nonsense, since you don’t actually notice wich level you’re playing and how to “pass” the game. – Missing the MB 6×6 😖””””

“”””Is a good game for anyone who loves the outdoors and Riding through the woods great game but can only give 4 star’s there’s still a couple of glitches to work out but all in all good game!!!”””

“””Put it simply It’s offroad drive Mobile and the best I’ve seen so far in offroad Sims when it comes to physics. Pros it’s actually what they advertised and the physics are mostly spot on’ and the cons are the miniscule amount of bugs and the amount of content present as of 10/20/21″”””

“”””Extraordinary potential, great game. Less vehicles more customisation, my opinion(overlanding stuff…). The maps feel a bit….idk…dead or smth. Nonetheless it’s a blast. Gg””””

“”””Amazing 👏 it is one of the best offroad games I’ve ever gotten, I chose 4 stats because I’m almost at level 400 (literally) and I’m really getting tired of waiting for big map update, ive had this game for about a month after it came out controls are amazing and graphics the same and awesome variety of vehicles, and I’m open to give update suggestions””””

“”””it has good graphics and fps cam, snow system, fuel system, features cars, truks, vans, suvs i gave 3 stars for car modification system and decals paint stickers hed lights modification……. and i gave 100 stars for graphics and. it good””””

WHAT’S NEW in Project : Offroad

  • Control Setup.
  • Low & High Gear
  • New physics
  • New Main menu
  • Bug fixes.

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