Table Top Racing: World Tour

Table Top Racing is back with a vengeance!

Get behind the wheel of 16 ultra-cool, miniaturised racing cars and engage in combat-racing like no other. Master over 30 table-top race tracks and over 180 events in a bid for glory, then take the battle Online and compete with the best in the world. Crush your enemies with 8 cunning ‘Power-ups’ and 6 unique ‘Weapon Wheels’ and blast your way to victory!

Race in 8 player online battles and play in online or offline two player split-screen mode….split-screen gaming even works on your phone!

KEY FEATURES Table Top Racing

  •  2 Player Split-screen modes both Offline and Online (two compatible controllers required)
  •  8 Players Online multi-player combat racing
  • 9 Unique Game modes spread throughout the Championships. Combat, Drift, Time Trial, Hot-Lap, Pursuit, Elimintor, Pure, Checkpoint and Overtake game modes.
  •  32 Table-top race tracks set in 8 themed locations (4 tracks per location)
  •  16 Super-cool, fully upgradable, miniature racing cars based on some of the world most iconic cars!
  •  Over 25 hours gameplay! Unless you’re really good….
  •  8 Cunning “Power-Up Weapons” designed to attack and slow opponents or protect yourself. Most can be used defensively too.
  •  6 Unique “Weapon Wheels” help you get an edge over your rivals and find those elusive Gold Supercoins!
  •  39 Google Play Achievements and 9 Leaderboards – including the most-requested feature from the first game a “Drift” high score table!
  •  Funky exclusive break-beat soundtrack by producer Wes Smith of Juice Recordings


When you reach Drift mode, it’s better to de-tune the car in the garage – it’s not about speed or acceleration – it’s all about control and handling. Pick a slippery car too.

User reviews

“”””It is a really good game. Firstly I don’t have any problems with loading times, frame rate or battery life on my Nokia 5.1+, which is a pretty cheap gaming phone. The tracks look and drive great. The game is fun, but you’ll lose a lot of races on the last corner, but driving well will win you races,……..””””


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