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The Voyage Initiation

“Pirate: The Voyage” is a new chapter of uncharted waters in Age of Discovery. As an adventure game, players can build fleet, attack pirates, trade, hunt treasure and start nation war to protect your country. RTS operational battle will give you a classic experience (2D battle only). Join the Voyage now and create your new Age! GO AND ENJOY The Voyage Initiation…..

If you like the game, join the Voyage Plus or Voyage Premium to support our development!
What you can get from us:
1. No Ads!
2. Regually updates.
3. Long term operating.

1. Rediscover the history of the Age of Exploration.
2. Dynamic goods price and complex economy system, be smart when you trade.
3. Different skills give you choice to be a merchant or a fighter.
4. Explore the whole world in 1600s (Areas are openning one by one);
5. Investment battle every week, you can become the mayor of ciy;
6. Decide tax rate, start war. You can decide the destiny of your country as mayor of capital;
7. All intelligence flows in the tavern, talk to the bar girl there and get helpful hints;
8. Rich rewarded bounty board makes the leveling up more easier;
9. More then 70 ships, build, upgrade and combine your own fleet;
10. Customer service (GM) is online everyday in working hours, we will help you with any questions in 24 hours;
11. Meet Prince Henry, Catalina, Columbus and other famous navigator in the history.

Fantastic experience of the Voyage is waiting for you!

USER REVIEWS : The Voyage Initiation

“””””I have now spend $30 on this game and have not seen a single thing I paid for. None of my membership subscriptions have gone through, nor my orders for tickets. I have waited days and days for responses and all I get are “Do this thing we already told you to do that didn’t work already”. I really want to like this game but if you’re going to make a blatantly Pay2Win game AT LEAST get the transaction system down.””””

“”””This game is as close to uncharted waters online as I have seen. It’s easy to make money trading because you make a profit as long as the city doesn’t produce the good, and it tells you how much profit you made. It’s a great game, but it takes forever to unlock the better goods to trade. I’ve been grinding the points for days and I’m only at 5000. PLEASE lower the amount needed to unlock the goods to 100,000 at most. Also all the Joanna’s and bargirls have dark hair. No redheads and blondes.””

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