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In the captivating animal game Zoo 2: Animal Park, you slip into the role of a zoo director. Take care of ferocious tigers and wily wolves, play with cute foxes and pandas, or pet the elephants and giraffes. Dive into an exciting zoo game story with lots of quirky ideas and unexpected plot twists.


Discover an extraordinary combination of zookeeper simulation and tycoon game. Explore a colorful and captivating game world full of snuggly bunnies, playful horses and sweet chimpanzees. Breed all sorts of cute animal babies, scrub enclosures and expand your park. Zoo 2: Animal Park boars a wide range of animal game features and customization options. This one-of-a-kind zoo game has a lot to offer:

  •  Take care of cute domestic and wild animals: Mischievous goats, playful pandas, majestic lions and more want to play with you!
  • Design your zoo: New tycoon features or items are unlocked with every level up. Get more flowers, bushes, and trees; build new types of enclosures, shops, restrooms, benches and more
  •  Dive into a lovingly-detailed world: Meticulous animal animations and impressive 3D graphics will keep you immersed in the action
  •  Breed adorable baby animals: Rare coat color variations will make your animal world even more colorful!
  •  Be part of a gripping story: Entertaining tasks and quests will guide you along in the flourishing zoo of your dreams and introduce a quirky cast of lovable characters
  •  Participate in exciting events: Regular updates and thrilling events with exclusive rewards provide long-lasting fun
  •  Expand your zoo: Earn achievements in this animal game as you make the zoo of your dreams a reality


Zoo 2: Animal Park whisks you away into a breathtaking zoo game setting. There’s always something new to discover! Prove your skill as a manager and turn the small family zoo into the greatest animal park paradise on the planet! Experience the animal game sensation. Download the app now!

Dear zoo managers,

Thanks to plenty of hard-working animals, Zoo 2: Animal Park is now even better! The elephants have trampled numerous bugs, the wolves have chased away a number of errors, and the pandas are even happier to play around in their enclosures.
Download the update, save Aunt Josephine’s zoo and play the latest version of Zoo 2: Animal Park!

“””An amazing game. Definitely recommend! I love all the cute animals, and multiple characters with an amazing storyline. Many people will say everything is too expensive but that is realistic! Also if the game is played correctly I think this is awesome. There are so many levels and things to unlock t…””””

“”””I love the game itself but the real world money cost is ridiculous. 10 diamonds to a dollar, the domestic pig costs 10. One of the first animals you can get. Then more and more animals cost diamonds less and less you can buy with game currency. If i ugraded everything i could pay real money for righ..””””

“”””This game is ok I have lots of different animals such as chimpanzees lions foxes and more you can create and design your very own zoo but you can also breed the animals you can decorate your zoo with flowers plants buildings paths shops and mostly animals””””

“”””This game is toons of fun!!!!I play every day I love it all the animals are super cute I will recommend play all the animals are my fav””””

“””””This game is super fun and relaxing, I don’t think there is a single day since I got it months ago that I haven’t gotten on. I love growing my zoo, winning prizes from the quests, and I also like the music. Like, that’s my JAM!!!””””

Play and enjoy Zoo 2 : Animal Park.



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