Burnout Masters

Burnout Masters takes over New Zealand with this massive update!! Hit the Rapanats pad with three of NZ’s toughest Burnout Cars! Plus 5 new cars to build, new modifications and tuning as well as new multiplayer features!

  • A New pad: RAPANATS!
  •  New pro car: EVIL69!
  • A New pro car: DSPRNG!
  •  Updated pro car: NUTOUT rebuilt!
  •  5 new stock cars and engines!
  •  New car mods: Unlock pro car parts for your own builds!
  • A New car tuning: Adjust your gear box, gear ratios and car stability
  •  Multiplayer updates: Expanded multiplayer map, player chat and a real time scoreboard

The official BURNOUT MASTERS game features more than 16 real life competitor cars and over 55 cars to build and customise. Burnout Masters is the official burnout game featuring the iconic Summernats event as well as the official events Red Centre NATS, Western Sydney Dragway, Tropical Meltdown at Springmount Raceway, RockyNATS, Motorvation at Perth Motorplex and Rapanats in New Zealand.
Build the ultimate burnout car and shred tyres on over 17 detailed burnout pads.

The official Burnout Masters game features:

  •  Insane multiplayer with up to 8 cars skidding together!
  •  Intense burnout physics with realistic smoke, engine explosions and popping tyres!
  •  Built not bought. Install engine upgrades, customisations and even engine swaps to create the ultimate burnout car.
  •  Custom tune your engine and manage temps as you push your car to the limit!
  •  Build your favourite engine in detail, choose from 4cylinder, v6, v8 or even rotary engines!
  • 17 detailed burnout pads to tear up and explore including official real life events, a free roam city to explore and even lockdown skids in your driveway!
  •  55+ different cars to build and drive!
  •  Leaderboards to compete with friends and the community!
  • Foo Fighters FF Concert level featuring the FF Van and the official Cloudspotter track

Real life events at real locations!

  •  Summernats 33! The biggest burnout competition in the world!
  •  Red CentreNATS! Head over to Alice Springs and tear up the RCN event!
  •  Burnout Masters at Western Sydney International Dragway!
  •  Tropical Meltdown at the Springmount Raceway in Cairns!
  •  Motorvation at Perth Motorplex!
  •  RockyNATS in Rockhampton!
  •  Rappants in New Zealand!

Real life competitor cars!

FULLON – Summernats 33 Burnout Master!
LSONE – Summernats 33 Burnout Champion!
HAMMERTIME – Insane Burnout Competitor!
FRONTBACK – A legendary Burnout Master!
TOAST – The American Burnout Machine!
PROPSI – Extreme Burnout Competitor!
HOLDON – Original Lockdown Skid!
NUTOUT – NZ Burnout Champion!
LOOSEQ – Toughest HQ around!
ZEPHYR – John Peterson tribute!
ZEROY – Adam LZ’s skid machine!
USA502 – Summernats most reliable burnout car!
LOO5E – Seriously insane VL!
SKIDMA – Intense Burnout machine!
Adam LZ’s Barra Turbo GT350!
EVIL69 – NZ’s toughest Camaro!
DSPRING – Smash a set with this wild HQ!

Plus many more to come.

Join our community:
FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/BurnoutMastersGame
INSTAGRAM: @burnoutmastersgame
Web: https://www.burnoutmastersgame.com/


“””””Good game but really needs to be updated it shuts me out ever minute or so if not sooner I’ve lost out over $100.000 because it would shut me out an it wouldn’t even give me the money after the event so I hope someone fixes it soon””””

“”””Game ran smooth for the first few days til I got a motor swap for my first car then it freezes after I complete a match and doesn’t give me any money after I restart the game you guys need to fix this bug””””


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