Dead Crusher


A highly contagious virus appeared and turned the world into a state of chaos. Nobody was spared from being infected and became walking deads. You’re the only survivor of a special force with the mission of shooting down as many zombies as you can and finding other survivors to rebuild your homeland!Dead Crusher is an action game developed by Heyyo.

The only way to live is to equip yourself with various skills as soon as possible. There is no end to the survival challenge, and you have to start over once you die. Please be careful!

Download Dead Crusher  and become a part of the contagious virus-infected world! In this game, a highly contagious virus appeared, and since then, it has turned the world into chaos. During this chaotic spree that the world faced, only you and some special force agents survived. And now, it is your job to fight back! Fight against the infected or walking dead.

Play Dead Crusher  and find as many survivors as you can to help fight back and rebuild your homeland. How can you survive with others? Equip yourself with different unique survival skills quickly as the number of infected rises! Download Dead Crusher on PC and witness no end to this survival challenge.

This game by Heyyo features different gameplay attributes that make the gaming session more interesting. For instance, you get an auto-aiming mechanism, a single finger operation, and easy to complete commands. In addition, you can choose from hundreds of unique weapons that boost your overall gaming when fighting thousands of giant enemies and alien invaders.

Key Features:

  • Auto-aim mechanism, one-finger operation, easy to complete all commands.
  • Random and unique skills offer great support in completing levels.
  • Hundreds of unique weapons, restore the real shooting trajectory.
  • Thousands of never-seen-before giant enemies and alien invaders to defeat.
  • Enjoy the game with various tactics. Skill combinations, blocking and weapon switch can help you survive.
  • Dodge is the key in chaos.
  • Visual Programming Stochastic Weather Generator. Simulate the real environment.
  • Upgrade epic gears to increase combat efficiency.


Bugs Fixed


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