Little Ant Colony


No food is left behind. Not when the Little Ant Colony is around.

In this fun, easy idle game, it’s time to take charge of the ants colony. Collect the food, grow your ant tribe, and win.

Start out with just one lonely ant, but as you eat your way through this idle game, you add more ants to your colony. And more ants means more income & rewards.

It’s so fun!


“””””Game is decently fun, somewhat repetitive, but still fun. Problem is, I bought the “no ads” purchase and still get ads randomly. No, I don’t mean when you click to get 2 or 3 free upgrades, I mean when I click the continue (not getting 3x rewards on a level) to go to the next level and still get ads. Can this be fixed?”””””

“”””fun game, but the home ant colony screen is extremely busy, with random icons that appear on the side that only offer ads or purchase screens. A full-screen popup add prompting you to buy a VIP pack comes up every few minutes. Fine game, poor balance of game/ads.””””

“”””As bad as all the other 1 star reviews proclaim. Dev repeatedly acknowledged previous reviews stating they would “fix” the forced ads and yet 45 seconds into the game, I get a forced ad for zero benefit to me. Don’t bother with this one, it’s a total money grab. Uninstalling.””””

“”””The game has forced ads, optional ads, and forced pop-ups for micro transactions. Too much money grabbing for me.”””””

“””””fun so far, but holy cow I had to click reject on 12? 13? different offers to buy this, watch that, subscribe here. I’ve only been playing for 3 minutes!””””

“””””Was good at first but turned out to be a scam. I purchased the no ads pack that was supposed to be permanent but after a recent update everything changed and it is now switched to a membership package which i have to pay again and keep paying weekly. So i lost my money. Could have atleast left me with the no ads purchase.”””””


It’s our newest update:
Cool new levels and animations
New upgrades across our systems
Bug fixes than make gaming so smooth
New hot updates and epic challenges COMING SOON!

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