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Solitaire Home Design, a new free-to-play challenging puzzle game, has finally arrived! Eddie and Lori are the protagonists of this new game. In this game, the two will transform and renovate an entire island with many amazing stories being told. At the same time, you can enjoy a classic card game, exercise your brain and become smarter.

Game features:
-Build and Renovate: Create the island of your dream!
-Classic Card Game: Kill the boring time while keeping your mind sharp!
-Interesting Stories: With a unique and fun storyline, this game will keep you interested in the long and short term.
-Dress Ups: The characters no longer need to wear the same boring outfits, mix and match the way you want!
-Cute Pets: Whether you like dogs or cats, this game has all the cute pets you love!

Lori and Eddie meets in a villa on Dream Island. Being two complete strangers, why did they decide to live together? And Why did they start renovating the island? And what happens to their relationship over time? The answers are waiting for you in Dream Island. So download the game and enjoy!

Solitaire Home Design is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases for a more exciting experience. We hope the items you purchased can help you in the most crucial time!

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User reviews

“”””Great awesome fun way to make solitare exciting. Great job on game. It hasnt been letting me in to sign in so please fix the glitches i have lost a ton of points im on level 32 or more. I love it pkayed for over 8 hours straight do di other players from mistplay but do to glitches we arent earning as many rewards as we should be. Thanks.””””

“”””Wonderful game so far and the storyline is cute as heck and funny! The art and graphics are amazing as well. Appreciated the allowed time for playing before asking for feedback. Definitely worth the download, I have been playing for three hours straight. That should say it all! I have played all sorts of Solitaire games with different layouts and this is one of the best. I totally love the swimming fish behind the card sets. So just download, have fun, be blessed””””

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